When did Mazepin last spin?

Wow, it wasn't that long ago! But his next drive is coming up soon...

France FP2 on 2021/06/18 at 13:05 UTC

Mazepin spun on the last corner during practice. This is also the last update on this site. He spins way too much.

Video coming soon

Baku GP on 2021/06/06 at 12:48 UTC

Mazepin spun on lap 24 of the Baku GP, causing a yellow flag

Video coming soon

Baku FP2 2021 on 2021/06/04 at 12:11 UTC

Not quite a spin, but Mazepin drove off the edge of the track at a corner and had to drive in a circle. Close enough.

Video coming soon

Baku FP1 2021 on 2021/06/04 at 09:26 UTC

Mazepin spun at turn 16 at Baku three minutes before the end of FP1

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Spain FP1 on 2021/05/07 at 09:32 UTC

Mazepin spun two minutes into FP1

Portugal FP3 on 2021/05/01 at 11:58 UTC

Mazepin spun 2 minutes before the end of FP3, ending up in the gravel

Imola 2021 Race on 2021/04/18 at approximately 15:04 UTC

Mazepin spun a few laps before the end of the race

Imola 2021 FP1 (again) on 2021/04/16 at approximately 09:58 UTC

Mazepin spun again in the last 2 minutes of FP1, hitting the barrier.

Imola 2021 FP1 on 2021/04/16 at approximately 09:05 UTC

Mazepin spun 5 minutes in FP1 at Imola, Italy.

Video coming soon

Bahrain 2021 GP Race Lap 1 Turn 3 on 2021/03/28 at 15:07 UTC

Mazespin spun at turn 3 of the first lap at the Bahrain GP, crashing into the barrier, causing a safety car. Strangely, it occurred at the exact same minute as his spin in Q1.

Bahrain 2021 Q1 on 2021/03/27 at approximately 15:07 UTC

During Q1, Mazepin spun at the end of the straight, before turning into turn 1, after overtaking several other teams during their out lap, causing a yellow flag.

Bahrain 2021 FP3 on 2021/03/26 at approximately 15:31 UTC

Mazepin lost control of his car during Free Practice 3 at the Bahrain GP, although rescued it after spinning 360 degree.